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Dread Vibez (USA)

"I used to wear synthetic dreadlocks while waiting to get my permanent locks, and I loved them.
After I finished my previous dreadlock education and I did a couple of synthetic installs on other people, I quickly realized there was more to the story than to just braid them in.

That is when and why I signed up for Dreadshops Synthetic Dreadlock Stylist course.
I wanted to offer the absolute best service to my clients and take my creative work to the next level. And that is indeed what I have done!

Dreadshop has taught me a lot of details that makes the biggest difference. It is a very comprehensive course that teaches you everything you need to know to start thinking like a professional dreadlock stylist. It gives you the tools to do the work.

And believe me, it’s a lot of work! But it is so worth it, and the reward? The reward is game changing!"

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Dreads & More (the Netherlands)  

"I have started the course Synthetic Dreadslock Specialist in 2021. One of the reasons I participated at this course is because I wanted to make dreadlocks at the same quality and looks as Dreadshop does. Why? Their dreads are made of high quality hair, without coating that can irritate the head and of course also: they -really- look great. And with Dreadshop you get (inspired by) an always innovating business, which I think is important.

I wanted to do something creative with hair, next to my regular office job; I’m always busy with hairstyles and too have dreads of my own. So this course was a perfect match for me.

Dreadshop exceeded my expectations by their professional online video-course, the community that you get and all the help and tips during the process. The video’s are professionally captured with zoomed-in video’s/images and they take you step by step in the whole process of starting to make dreads and setting up your own salon / clientele.

Dreadshop inspires and motivates you not only through the video’s they share, but also provide homework that you have to send in to the community where everybody can learn from each other. From making dreads to editing tips for your portfolio.

Bottomline: I would recommend this course by far! I am now confident enough to start this great adventure of having my own clients and working together also with Dreadshop in this! Dreadshop thank you for all your guidance and inspiration in this progress."

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Marjolein van der Weide 
SaltyDreads Hair Studio (Portugal) 

"So much more than just a technique”
In the process of getting more experienced in making Dreadlock Extensions I already have tried other courses.

But this course of Dreadshop is so much more than learning a technique. It gives a total package of skills on how to build a business as a Dreadlock Extension stylist.

On top of that you can become a part of a worldwide community which supports you and can give you feedback if you need it.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in setting up a business as a professional Dreadlock Extension Stylist.

Do you also wanna run a successful business in Synthetic Dreadlocks?

Let us guide you and take the step!

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Ami Watkins (UK)

I’d recommend this course to anyone who is serious about offering a professional service to their customers for synthetic dreadlocks. It covers everything you need to know in order to offer this as a service to either start a dreadlock business or add to what you already offer. 

The team are knowledgeable, supportive and very quick to offer feedback and advice. Taking this course has allowed me to expand my business and there is so much I have taken from it and applied to what I do. Highly recommend it.

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Evelyne de Nil
Jungle Dreads (Belgium)

I’ve started this course after I was searching for years to start up of something on my own. 

I came in contact with Dreadshop in August 2019 and I had no idea that this was the beginning of an amazing journey!

This course does not only learns you a technique,  it learns you how to make high quality dreadlocks, how to set up your own salon proper with all of his aspects and skills that are required to make it to a successful business. 

Above that they will guide you with their years of experience through an amazing journey with a lot of feedback and support. 

In this course you are able to be part of a unique and worldwide community with a lot of lovely and passionate people. 

For me... this course taught me who I am, what I wanted and where I want to see myself in 5 years. I really got to know myself and rediscovered myself in this journey! 

It’s the start of a life changing experience!!

I really recommend this course to anyone who has a heart for dreadlocks or anyone who wants to learn something new and set up a business with their creativity.


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Hair Envy Extensions Clinique (Denmark)

I’ve been doing synthetic dreadlocks professionally for many years, and joined the course because I wanted to be a part of the community and to maybe be able to give some peer review to the content.

I was part of the pilot group, and for me to join was a great possibility to have students in different levels.

It has been a great experience to follow the development of the course and I loved seeing the other students develop their skills. It’s amazing to be part of a learning community and the energy in the group has been very inspiring.

Even though I already had a business and knowing how to do synthetic dreadlocks, I still learned so much in this course.

It has been great to see how the stylists at Dreadshop work and has been an amazing insight into the Dreadshop business. I loved to get to know the people behind even better, and how they share all the things, you need to know to be successful.

I would recommend this course to people who are serious about getting a professional business in the synthetic dreadlock profession up and running.

The course takes you thru all steps of the way, and if you’re dedicated and put in the time and effort, then you will have all the tools you need to run your own business.

And you will have your “class mates” as sparring partners both during and after the course. This is really valuable because being a solo stylist sometimes can get lonely and you just go into routines.

This course has giving me the great opportunity to review all my techniques, materials and how I run my business – and on top giving me colleagues.



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