Frequently Asked Questions about the Professional Synthetic Dreadlock Stylist Course

Can you actually make money with Synthetic Dreads?

A big misconception in this industry is that you can’t do Synthetic Dreads as your work or main income. Working either fulltime or parttime and make money with Dreads is something people don’t know. And the unknown is exactly the pitfall!

“In my area I don't see anyone with Dreads, or yes, maybe only a few people. I can't make money with that, can I? "

Well, in the village where I live and grew up, there are hardly any people with Dreads! And I can tell you, I have 10 thousands of customers a year! From all over the world! I send Dreads via my webshop, welcome people in my Salon and if I want I work more than full time! In fact, I even work with a team! A whole team of 5 people! And so we all 5 earn our money with Dreads.

Our network is huge! We have customers all over the world. And these customers ask us daily if we know someone close to them who can install Synthetic Dreads. They want our Synthetic Dreads, the highest quality in the market, to be installed by a professional.

And you can jump in! Build your own company with our knowledge, experience and network! We help you to having customers!

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How much time do I have to spend on the Course?

The course takes a deep dive in all the knowledge you need to have to become a professional in this business.
That's why the Course takes you 5 months in total to complete.
On average you'll spend 8-16 hours per week.
16 Hours is for a beginner and 8 hours for the more experienced ones.

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Do I get a Certificate?

Yes! Once you've completed the course and the final assignment your are officially a Synthetic Dreadlock Stylist! You will then receive a certificate.

If you wanna become an Affiliate of Dreadshop you need to do some extra work. Once you've completed this you wil also receive an extra certificate which shows that you're officially and Affiliate of Dreadshop!

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Can I just Enroll?

Yes, you can!

But please be aware that if there's already a Student or Affiliate close to you, your enrollment will not be accepted.
I'm creating a Worldwide Community of supportive Synthetic Dreadlocks Stylists. I don't want to create competition by oversaturating the market.
Your payment will then be reimbursed.

Countries that are full at the moment: the Netherlands

What's in the Student Kit?

When you register for the Course, you will need to order your Student Kit.

This Kit contains all the materials you need to practice and learn your skills.

I have selected the best materials and brands for you to work with. And during the Course, you’ll get this explained in depth of course.

It contains: 
- A Doll (Dolly)
- 6 packs of Henlon Hair
- 2 packs of Kanekalon Hair
- Combs
- Crochet Hooks
- A Quick Beader Tool
- A Sprayer
- Clips
- Elastics
- A backcombed Dread
- Dollylocks products
- RAW ROOTs products

You can order your Student Kit here.

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